Branding & Editorial Design
The McDonald's Brandbook
Featuring the slogan “Ich liebe es” (i’m lovin’ it), the McDonald’s brand book was at the centre of a comprehensive campaign. In order to visualise what makes McDonald’s tick, it shows people together with the brand book. As a guideline for everyone who deals with the brand on a daily basis, the book thus means to convey that it “covers everything”. Similar to a Bible, it is conceived to give inspiration in the daily work with McDonald’s. Franchisees, partners and above all employees can quickly grasp what sets the “new McDonald’s” apart, helping them to identify with this concept.
Concept & Design Team:
Jennifer Schwarzbauer / Julia Begher / Valerie Helbich-Poschacher / Alexander Müsgens 
* Red Dot Design Award 2017 Winner *
LEO’S THJNK TANK | Munich | 2017

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