Karl Jäger Trachten
The Karl Jäger Trachten company was founded in Miesbach in 1876. In the beginning, it was purely a men's outfitter with an in-house tailoring shop, which is still in operation today. Today, the company can look back on a 147-year success story in which it has developed into a traditional company for traditional costumes and still is being run as a family business.

Sustainability has always been the focus for the owners and is based on three fundamental pillars. 1. SOCIAL: As a manufacturer and seller of traditional costumes, Karl Jäger is committed to preserving the customs and traditions of traditional Bavarian dress in the Oberland region. 2. ECONOMICAL: realistic and affordable prices for customers, 3. ECOLOGICAL: Regional production; no fast-fashion, but production of high-quality garments that last a lifetime with great care. Focus on the use of Öko-Tex materials.

The task was to create a visual brand language for the company that only has had a logo so far. Making sure to keep and convey the heritage character and at the same time make it accessible to the younger generation.
more to come…
© Karl Jäger Trachten GmbH

Creative Design: VHP
Photography: © Karl Jäger Trachten GmbH
Client: Karl Jäger Trachten GmbH
Year: 2022/2023

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